Production Update: Storyboards, & More!


We're so sorry for the silence! While you may have heard from one of us personally throughout the last few months, we wanted to send an official project update. We understand that we are already past our estimated shipping date, and we appreciate your patience!

EARLY MAY: After our travels, we've been able to edit in almost all of the footage that we captured in Arkansas, and everything fits in perfectly so far! From Braums, to Walgreens, to the Duggars to the open road, we captured some amazing footage that we can't wait to share.

LATE MAY: We decided before we launched the project on Kickstarter that any funds raised would not go to pay ourselves, but would cover the expenses needed to complete the film. What this means is that we can't work on this project full time. The film's director, Kevin Peeples, is currently working on two theatrically released feature films. This has created an incredibly busy time for our director. At the same time, one of our locations did fall through, and we have been waiting for a reply from additional locations.

EARLY JUNE: In early June we completed storyboards for the opening sequence of the film! The opening sequence will lay the biblical foundation for the heart of the documentary, and we will visualize the journey with a modern day version of the crossing of the Jordan river, featuring the adoptive family Todd and Barbara. View the storyboards below!

LATE JUNE: God started bringing all of the loose ends together and we began to "prepare for rain". Our 4th potential hospital location came through and secured a date. We hired actors to fill in our reenactment roles. As we filmed our hospital exteriors in Arkansas, we used our new location to film all of the interior shots. Next, we went location scouting and found what would become our modern-day Jordan river. With that locked in, we filmed all of the green screen elements that we will combine with our live background plates to create an amazing and supernatural crossing of the river. On July 4th we're traveling to Asheville, NC to capture the live shots and background plates.

What's next? We're awaiting a reply from a location to continue our filming of the courtroom scenes. Simultaneously we will be sending all of our river elements to our animator, who has already begun preliminary testing the 3D modeling. He will animate the digital layers, and we will key out the green and composite all of our layers before we light, texture, and cover with particle layers.

How Can I Pray for the Film? We're glad you asked! First, you can pray for cooperative weather on July 4th, an outside filming day. Next, you can pray that God would open the door for a courtroom and judge. Finally, please pray for the safety and creativity of the crew as they use their skills to put together the best film for you and other audiences. We're excited to share more production updates with you very soon! And yes, the Duggar's are staying in our film!