Production Update: Crossing the Jordan

Hello Backers! On July 3rd we filmed all of the green screen elements that we will combine with our live background plates to create an amazing and supernatural crossing of the river. Don't listen to what Todd & Barbara may say, they are great actors!

On July 4th we traveled to Asheville, NC to capture the live shots and background plates at a beautiful section of the French Broad River. We now have all of the footage we need to begin working on rotoscoping, 3D modeling, and compositing.



As I film this documentary, I remember one thing that excited me from the beginning of the project, and that is being able to someday watch Christina watch her documentary. I cannot imagine what that day will be like for her, as unlike most adopted children who only hear about their adoption story, she gets to relive it in such vivid detail - not to mention knowing that over a hundred people came together to help tell her story. And not only that, her story will be saturated with how the Lord was so intricately involved in providing her with a forever family. I can’t think of anything that should be called an ‘eye opening experience’ more than what that day will be for Christina.
— Kevin Peeples, Director

What's next? We're awaiting a reply from a location to continue our filming of the courtroom scenes. Simultaneously we are sending all of our river elements to our animator, who has already begun preliminary work on the 3D water modeling. He will animate the digital layers, and we will key out the green and composite all of our layers before we light, texture, and cover with particle layers.

How Can I Pray for the Film? We're glad you asked! Please pray that God would open the door for a courtroom and judge. Please pray for the safety and creativity of the crew as they use their skills to put together the best film for you and other audiences. Finally, please pray that audiences and critics would be receptive of the film and that marketing would reach the audiences that God desires to see this film.