Production is Complete!

We're excited to announce that we've completed filming on The 5 Day Adoption!


Just this week we filmed our final scene in a wonderful courtroom in NC, which was the last remaining scene to be filmed. Production is officially complete!


We also recently finished animating the crossing of the Jordan scene. Through a mix of practical & digital effects, we're blown away by the final scene and can't wait for you to experience it! We really appreciate all of you who donated your time to complete this scene. We couldn't have done it without you!


We'll be getting to work editing in the final courtroom footage early next week. We have a few visual effects shots to finalize, followed by final mastering and closing credits. 

Now that filming is complete, DVD and Blu-Ray replication is right around the corner! From there, we'll have a few more rounds of internal feedback and then it's just the authoring of the disc masters. Then we wait for DVDs to arrive, followed by shipping them to you! We can't make any promises yet, but we're looking at an October or November release!

We will be sending out surveys very soon to confirm how you want to be credited in the final film, as well as to gather shipping addresses for those of you who selected physical rewards.

How Can I Pray for the Film? 

We're glad you asked!  Please pray that God would open the door to a low-cost local venue so that we can have a proper location to premiere the film to the cast, crew, backers, local pastors, and the public! Please pray that God would be elevated through this film, and that it would touch the lives of all those who need to see it.